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Media Resource Library

The Vision 

To promote interest in reading among pupils and equip them with basic library skills

The Media Resource Library (MRL) @ CHIJ Katong Primary is a vibrant and colourful haunt for our pupils.  They relish reading the wide range of books and magazines and playing the exciting computer games available in the library.  Our girls also love borrowing the books and CD-ROMs from the library.

This year, Mdm. Sharon Yong (Library Coordinator), Mrs. Anna Lim, Mrs. Faizal, Mdm. Salamiah, Mdm. Latifah and Mdm Dorothy Wong who has newly joined as Asst Library Coordinator, will be working together to organize programmes that promote reading for our girls.

The following are the various NEW initiatives planned for the pupils in 2014:

Helping Pupils to understand their Reading Profile & introduce them to different genre of books.

Whole School Approach to reading through:

  • DiscovReads: Pupils get to extend the experience of the printed books through activities such as creating alternative endings, producing book trailers and interacting with their peers on book-related topics through an online platform. They will earn virtual tokens when they achieve specific targets.
  • Book 2 Go: Pupils will get a wider selection of EL books to enjoy.
  • Mobile Library @ Canteen (EL and MT):  To make it more convenient for the pupils to borrow books, a book kiosk will be set up in the canteen during recess.

Post exam activities for each level:

  • P1 and P2:     Read, Swap, Share (Term 2 and Term 4)

-          Pupils swap and share books with one another. They will complete an interesting Reading Record.

  • P3: Librarian’s Challenge (Term 4)

-          Learn about the library through a fun scavenger hunt at Marine Parade Library.

  • P4: Read, Reap, Write  (Term 2 and 4)

-          Pupils explore how stories are related to the world around them through engaging series of discussions and activities.

  • P5: Dare to Read Launch (May to July)

-          An independent experiential reading journey over 3 months.

-          An incredibly exciting, fun and challenging reading activity when pupils find out answers through books, other resources found in the public and school libraries and the internet.

-          Pupils go on a thrilling adventure as they go on a quest to solve mission every week.

-          Pupils redeem tokens with each successfully completed mission. 

For P1 or P2: BOOK-a-Date with Daddy:

- Picnic @ the hall

- A bonding session between father and daughter through reading at a ‘picnic’.  There will be a simple reflection activity at the end of the programme.

¨  Workshop for Parents by NLB personnel during the school’s Learning Fest.
-Parents get to learn how to instil a love for reading, discover their child’s reader type and how to encourage each of these reader types.

Continuing with the current programme:

Through this programme, the pupils will be familiarized with the following:

  • Different sections of the library
  • Library etiquette
  • Programmes  and competitions organized by the library

1. Termly rewards for pupils who borrow the most number of books (P1-P2) and most number of CD-ROMs (P3-P6) from each class
2. Year-end rewards for the top 3 pupils who have borrowed the most number of books 
3. Year-end rewards for the top 3 classes with the highest readership of books

Selected pupils will be trained by NLB personnel to become our Reading Ambassadors, who will promote and encourage their  peers to read  through storytelling, recommendations of favourite books, buddy reading and more.