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Cyber Wellness

A message from the Cyber Wellness Committee from CHIJ (Katong) Primary

According to MOE, Cyber Wellness (CW) refers to the positive well-being of Internet users. It involves an understanding of online behaviour and awareness of how to protect oneself in cyberspace.

The focus of CW education is to:

  • develop students to become responsible digital learners when they navigate the cyberspace
  • inculcate respect for self and others among students
  • practise safe and responsible use of the internet
  • be a positive peer influence by harnessing technology for collaboration, learning and productivity
  • advocate positive use of technology for the good of the community

MOE uses the CW framework to develop the child’s instinct to protect and empower her to take responsibility for her own well-being in cyberspace. The three principles, ‘Respect for Self and Others’, ‘Safe and Responsible Use’ and ‘Positive Peer Influence’ when adhered to will anchor a child’s well-being in cyberspace as she will then be able to make careful and well-considered decisions.

The Cyber Wellness Committee of CHIJ (Katong) Primary strongly believes that Cyber Wellness Education should begin from young. We aim to strengthen students’ competencies, knowledge and skills on “How to Stay Safe Online” (Primary 1 to 3) and “How to Identify Fake News” (Primary 4 to 6).

CHIJ (Katong) Primary's Cyber Wellness Framework:


Our community will also be engage during the Cybersmart @ IJ event. Pre-primary students from the community will join our Primary 1 and 2 students in their classrooms to learn about tips on how they could stay safe online through storytelling and have an in-depth question-and-answer session with our experienced Primary 1 and 2 English teachers. 

A parent workshop will be conducted to equip parents on skills to educate their child on Cyber Safety and on the identification of fake news in the internet.

Our Cyber Wellness education also includes lessons during FTGP (Form Teacher Guidance Period) and assembly talks on Cyber Safety and how to deal with other cyber issues such as addictive gaming, cyber bullying, social networking, risks we may face online as well as responsible online behaviour.

We look forward to having you on board to play a part in the Cyber Wellness education of your child. Do spend some time to navigate through some of the resources specially curated for you to empower you with the confidence and skills to take your first time in playing a vital role in your child’s Cyber Wellness education.