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Empowered individuals who are proficient and confident users of the English Language.

HOD's Message

At CHIJ (Katong) Primary, we have always been associated with Speech & Drama and we are proud to uphold the tradition of producing students who are articulate and confident speakers. Many have passed through the school and have emerged as confident presenters in their various fields. We want to continue to give that special language experience to all our girls, be it through drama, reading, oral presentations or writing.

The school’s English curriculum is based on STELLAR (Strategies for English Language Learning and Reading). STELLAR is in line with the new English syllabus of 2010 by MOE. Our pupils do not use a standard textbook. Instead, worksheets have been specially tailored for our learners and there are also some supplementary worksheets / booklets which pupils will be purchasing (e.g. Penmanship, Synthesis & Transformation).  If you would like to supplement in purchasing a book for your child, you might want to consider purchasing a grammar reference book and there’s a wide range offered at major book stores.

As part of Holistic Assessment (for P1 to P4), students will be assessed in presentation skills e.g.  Poetry Recitation and Show-&-Tell.

To help our students to be aware of things that happen around the world, we bring current affairs into the classroom through newspaper clippings.  The Primary 4 to 6 students will subscribe to the Little Red Dot, which is a special publication for students by Straits Times.  This will encompass part of the students’ English Lessons as teachers discuss about issues related to current affairs in class.

Our teachers work very hard to provide various strategies and skills for language learning for our students and we hope to see those being applied in the work the girls do. With the cooperation and encouragement from all parents, we hope that our girls will continue to develop a love for reading and writing. We hope to empower our students to be proficient and confident users of the English Language.

Mrs Desiree Ang


STELLAR (Strategies for English Language Learning and Reading)

STELLAR (Strategies for English Language Learning and Reading)

Other supplementary books may include the following, depending on your child’s level:

Listening Comprehension (P3 – P6, included in booklist)

Penmanship (P1)

Synthesis Assessment Book

Parents will be informed of the various supplementary books which may not be in the current booklist through your child’s teacher.

Applied Learning Programme (ALP)

“Competent, Confident and Respectful Communicators”

The aim of the ALP is to give students additional opportunities to acquire skills and qualities based on the practical application of knowledge in real-world contexts, and strongly supports our focus on developing 21st century competencies and values in our students. At CHIJ (Katong) Primary, our ALP’s focus is on Languages. These are some of the outcomes which we hope to achieve:

1. Competent: Able to use language effectively for self-expression (e.g. drama; story-telling) and for persuasion / advocacy (e.g. presentation)

2. Confident: Able to stand up in front of an audience to speak rationally, with substance and clarity 

3. Respectful: Able to be tactful, understanding the nuances of the language; able to listen with respectfulness, having empathy and cross-cultural understanding

At the various levels, students will be taken through some lessons which we hope will engage them and help them become competent, confident and respectful communicators.

Arts Week

A celebration of Language Arts in the school.

Learning Support at CHIJ (Katong) Primary

The Literacy Support at CHIJ (Katong) is an intensive reading intervention programme mainly for the P1 & P2 students.  Strategies range from word reading to reading comprehension. Pupils learn to decode words, read accurately and understand the meaning of words in the text read. They also learn to retell and summarise what is read and answer questions about what is read.


Throughout the year, the school will be notified of various competitions involving the English Language and these will be made known to the pupils for them to participate in.

Learning Journeys

Over the years of your child being in this school, she will be given the opportunity to watch a play / show. This is in conjunction with the Arts department and we would like our pupils to have an appreciation for the Arts. As such, a Learning Journey could be organized for students of certain levels to watch a play / show.

English Language @ Primary 1

What’s in store?

The school uses MOE’s STELLAR (Strategies for English Language Learning and Reading) programme.  This has been specially drawn up by curriculum specialists. The aim of STELLAR is to strengthen lower primary pupils’ English Language and reading skills through developmentally appropriate strategies. It is also to motivate children’s interest in reading and learning.

No specific textbook will be used for this programme. Instead, with each unit, the various learning outcomes will be spelt out in the accompanying worksheets.

What your child can look forward to:

- Motivating and enjoyable stories

- Balance of word attack skills and whole word for independent reading

- Core language skills developed simultaneously

How parents can help

We would like to suggest to parents to spend time reading with your child which can help build your child’s vocabulary as this comes in handy in her writing too. At the end of each unit, your child’s teacher will return the worksheets for parents to acknowledge. This will be a good opportunity for parents to go through the booklet and take note of language items and vocabulary that is taught, as well as the writing pieces that your child has done.

We hope we will be able to work in partnership to help heighten your child’s love for the language and her ability to be proficient and confident users of the English Language.